Russia And Zimbabwe Agreements

The dismantling of the concession is expected to begin early next year and agreements with consortium members will be signed next month. In fact, Russia has agreements with Zimbabwe, as with many other countries in sub-Saharan Africa. In Zimbabwe, the agreements reached are at different stages of implementation. It should also be noted that most of them are under the sign of a memorandum of understanding or documents of understanding that are not treaties, but a symbol of the common good. During the visit, the two countries signed three cooperation agreements on industry and trade, the modernization of Zimbabwean agriculture and the establishment of a Russian industrial zone in the South African country. Russia`s Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry Georgy Kalamanov signed the three agreements on behalf of Russia, while Zimbabwean ministers signed the agreements. In the past, as with many African countries, Russia has concluded a number of agreements with Zimbabwe, which have still not been fully implemented. What do you say? In addition to Mr. Putin`s cordial words, Mr. Mnangagwa left Moscow with something more tangible — agreements on Russian investments in the Zimbabwean diamond industry, a fertilizer supply contract and two financing contracts worth $267 million.

Take South Africa. Last October, during an investigation into so-called “state capture,” former Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene said he was released in 2015 for refusing to sign guarantees for a 1-ton ($70 billion) nuclear deal with Rosatom. His replacement by someone considered more flexible triggered such a sharp fall from the edge that the incident was known as “nenegate.” Russia`s presence in Africa remains marginal, especially for historical reasons. But that could soon change. Several delegations from African countries have recently visited Moscow. The Zimbabwean embassy in Moscow previously said mnangagwa plans to discuss political and economic issues with Putin and security cooperation. The two presidents are expected to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral trade and investment mechanisms and discuss military cooperation. Nene said the deal had been ruinous for South Africa, but had forced some of former President Jacob Zuma`s aides, including the Gupta family, who are at the center of accusations of state capture. The Guptas had a uranium deposit, although they and Mr Zuma denied any fault. Some experts believe that the ongoing crisis between Russia and the West could prompt Russian leaders to seek new markets.

But it is not clear whether Africa is theirs. Read more ” – Western countries that had traditionally delivered military equipment to Zimbabwe, including fighter jets and vehicles, stopped in 2000 after imposing sanctions on the government of former President Robert Mugabe on charges of human rights violations. “But with the U.S. withdrawal, there is room for Moscow to be mischievous…