Bloomsburg Housing Agreement

The Office of Residence Life will host the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 host process during the Spring 2021 semester. Current campus residents who wish to live on campus in a residence, suite or apartment for Fall 2021/Spring 2022 must complete this process completely to ensure accommodation for next year. Your choice of accommodation is based on where you or your future roommates live during the process. So once we return to campus and settle in for the spring semester, we will begin room selection for next year. The process ends online in MyHousing. During your dates/times, if you would like to sign up for accommodation/food or if you would like to sign up for a meal plan only as an off-campus student or commuter. H.O.S.T. is the Time Selection option and is the process in which current students on campus choose their accommodation and/or meal for the next academic year. The costs of maintaining a wired and wireless network infrastructure are high, with less than 10% of students opting for wired connections. As a result, most of the infrastructure that supported the cable network was shut down in order to minimize housing costs.

All students residing in residences and apartments have access to the university`s high-speed wireless network at no additional cost. All rooms and common areas selected in the apartments have installed Ethernet sockets, but these are now inactive. A limited number of wired connections remain available, but at an additional cost. If you prefer to connect to the university network via a wired connection, please complete our Wired Network Connection Requirement Form to request activation of your port. Residence Life`s philosophy is that rounded training also includes learning outside the classroom. In our residential environment on campus, you will be encouraged: students who have special requests for accommodation, including air conditioning provided by the university, will need to submit the special accommodation application form. Depending on the nature of your request, you may be referred to the university`s disability department to provide by your doctor with documents indicating your specific housing request and the reason/need for that request. You will check these materials and give our office a recommendation on how best to meet your needs.

Requests received after the deadline has expired are only considered if rooms or places are available. This means that requests for shared accommodation, participation in learning communities or other housing can be disrupted to meet a demand. Please remember that when submitting the agreement online, you indicate that you understand the responsibilities that students assume during their stay on campus. Welcome to the Bloomsburg University campus! The reasons for applications for release are verified, if necessary, with the offices of the Registrar, Academic Internship, Training or other departments. If it is determined that you are visiting Bloomsburg University and living off campus without official permission from Residence Life, a hosting fee will be charged to your university account. All students have one or both roommates, unless special accommodations are requested and approved….