Bc Rental Agreement Fixed Term

(f) convert the rental unit into a non-residential use. A fixed-term lease (or lease) is a lease for a specified period of time (for example. B one year, one month or one week). At the end of the contract term, landlords and tenants can agree on another fixed term or the lease continues from month to month. For the duration of your agreement, you cannot be distributed due to a two-month or four-month eviction notification for the owner`s use of real estate. (i) communications, decisions, injunctions or agreements referred to in Part 5.1 or summaries; (3) If the lessor and the lessee have not entered into a new lease by the end date of a fixed-term lease, which does not require the lessee to evacuate the rental unit by that date, the lessor and the lessee shall be deemed to be renewed as a monthly lease on equal terms. 7. Neither the manager`s decision to conclude an agreement referred to in paragraph 4 nor the terms of such an agreement may be the subject of a request for dispute settlement. (b) prohibit the lessor from replacing such locks, obtaining keys or otherwise accessing the rental unit.