Art Studio Rental Agreement Template

The studio can only be used for legal business activities. There is absolutely NO SMOKING OR ALCOHOL in the building. Smoking is allowed outside the building. The tenant is responsible for cleaning up smoke-related debris (ashes, cigarettes, etc.) before departure. The premises are used for the purpose of a photo/video studio, including necessary and usually ancillary activities. The studio has the right to inspect the equipment, studio and furniture at any time during the rental period. The tenant must take all necessary devices to allow a representative of the studio to access the devices and the studio. In case of violation of any of the provisions of the rental agreement, the studio has the right to revoke the tenant`s access to the equipment and the studio without any liability or prejudice towards the studio, the right to obtain the rent due or accrued until the date of withdrawal. The tenant accepts that the studio assumes no responsibility for damage or injury caused by the use of objects rented to the tenant or a third party. The tenant covers all risks of bodily injury or bodily injury.

If an accident has occurred with the rented property of the studio while it belongs to the tenant, the tenant must inform the studio by a written statement of the details of the event, including the police report and the names and addresses of witnesses, if any. Accessible StudiosSPACE reserves the right to rent accessible workshops to artists who need them beyond all other artists on the waiting list. BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR NEIGHBORS• Be present at all times during the rental• Keep the event or meeting in the studio• Maintain adult supervision of minors at all times• Clean garbage or other items before leaving the site A 50% retainer is required to keep studios and rentals and the date of the event. The deduction is applied to the final statement and the balance is due on or before the date of your rental. The date and studio/rental items will only be reserved when the retainer and signed lease have been submitted to and received by the studio. The deduction is non-refundable. STUDIO & EQUIPMENT DELIVERED: The studio undertakes to put the studio in good condition, but does not give any particular guarantee as to the functionality or suitability of the studio for the purposes of Renter. The tenant has the right to use the entire studio, backyard, lighting fixtures, accessories and all furniture in the studio at the time of rental. The studio is not responsible for acts that are beyond its control and that have an impact on the shooting, such as power cuts, bad weather, emergencies or force majeure. The tenant undertakes to return all equipment, studios and furniture in the state in which they were made available and to immediately inform the studio of damages, breakdowns or modifications to the equipment provided. Rental furniture can be brought room by room outside.

In case of bad weather in the forecast (rain, snow, etc.), furniture should not be taken outside. Please do not move rooms larger than a single chair without two people being present to move it without pulling the legs. With our drag-and-drop PDF editor, you can customize this studio rental agreement template to suit your needs and your studio. Indicate the prices and rules of the studio, add your general conditions of sale and add in particular your studio logo . . .