Technical Agreements For Biocides 2018

The working groups conduct scientific and technical peer reviews and examine other relevant scientific and technical issues within the biocide regulation. All working groups report to the committee and the internal rules of the PCB apply. For organizational issues related to working group meetings, please contact: bpc-wgs (at) Ad hoc working groups do not distinguish between core and flexible members. Unlike permanent working groups, ad hoc working groups work continuously throughout the year, mainly through electronic exchanges or virtual meetings. triggered by non-exclusive (AU) or (AS) timelines. From Technical Agreements on Biocides zijn afspraken die gebruikt worden bij het opstellen van dossiers en de risicobeoordeling van werkzame stoffe in biociden. Core members are appointed for a renewable three-year term and each Member State can appoint up to two members for each working group. Candidates can participate in discussions of the BPC Working Group (WGBB). The agendas for the PCB Working Group meetings are published below no later than 21 days prior to a meeting and, if candidates wish to participate in their agenda item, they must address the secretariat of the BPC Working Group and follow the members of the working group who participate in Section 3 of the Code of Conduct for candidates who follow the PCB and its working groups. Please use the contact email address at the end of the page. ECHA heeft op het openbare gedeelte van S-CIRCABC de herziene versie van de Technical Agreements on Biocides (TAB) voor de milieurisicobeoordeling geplaatst. De TAB is een `afsprakenlijst` waarin afspraken, gemaakt op WG meetings worden bijgehouden.

Dit zijn bijvoorbeeld wijzigingen of aanvullingen op de bestaande beoordelingssytematiek zoals die is vastgelegd in richtsnoeren of emissiescenariodocumenten. De TAB wordt regelmatig geactualiseerd waarbij ook afspraken van de lijst afgaan zodra deze bij een revisie van bijvoorbeeeld een richtsnoer of emissiescenariodocument zijn verwerkt. The Biocides Committee(CWWs) Working Groups (PCBs) assist the committee in developing its opinions and contribute to the harmonization of risk assessment under the Biocides Regulation (RPO). Flexible members, with their specific expertise, contribute to a specific meeting of a given working group and their participation may therefore vary from meeting to meeting. Each Member State has the right to appoint an unlimited number of flexible members. In addition to the permanent working groups, four ad hoc working groups support the PCB and its permanent working groups: De TAB documenten voor de andere werkvelden (own analytical and chemical methods, werkzaamheid, gezondheid voor de mens) worden binnenkort ook gepubliceerd. The latest public minutes of roommate meetings are published in the S-CIRCABC category: documents agreed at PCB-WG meetings – Public working groups made up of key and flexible members. In addition, advisors may accompany members to meetings. The following permanent working groups have been set up by the PCB: