Marketo End User Subscription Agreement

This end-user license agreement (the “EULA”) is a binding agreement between Workato, Inc. (“Workato”) and you (the “account holder”) and regulates with the corresponding order form (defined below) accepted by the account holder for access to the Workato platform (as defined below) and related services. Together, this CAU and the applicable order form constitute the complete legal agreement between the account holder and Workato (the “agreement”). The account holder must agree to all the conditions of this ECJ in order to use all the services specified in this agreement. 5.1 Unless GitLab and the customer have executed an offer document that expressly refers to this agreement with respect to amounts: unless the subscription (and customer payment for) licensed materials was made on behalf of the customer by a reseller, the customer will pay GitLab the costs incurred (the “prices”) for materials selected and/or used by the customer (the “fees”) without the right to deduction or deduction. On each anniversary of the date, GitLab is addressed to the customer (or if applicable) with respect to all additional users of the licensed material, which go beyond the users for whom the customer paid in advance at the time of that date (and for whom the fees due under this invoice are the current usage tax per year compared to the year just passed and the updated user fee per year for all subsequent years, unless the agreement to the contrary of both parties in writing (together a “true-up”). For customers who have pre-paid all multi-year subscription fees for materials granted pursuant to an offer, a new license key will be made available on each anniversary date of entry into force for the duration of this agreement (i) and (ii) a true-up will be made. All additional purchased users will be terminated until the end of the initial subscription period. 1.2 Terms of service delivery. The client must assign a project manager who is responsible for managing the project for which the services are provided. The client defines the entire direction of the project, including the assignment and management of the client`s project staff team. The customer must provide GitLab with the facilities, equipment and support required by GitLab to provide services, including remote access to the hardware and software configuration of the system, on which GitLab supports the use of computer software programs that GitLab has authorized to the customer. GitLab owns and owns all rights, titles and interests of the Services and all work products generated by the Services (“Work Product”), and the client will execute and provide GitLab with all reasonably necessary documents to transfer all rights, titles and interests of gitlab to GitLab.

The work product does not contain existing intellectual property or customer data. Subject to the terms of this service agreement and the applicable licensing agreement governing the Customer`s use of the Software and expressly dependent on the Customer`s compliance with the terms of these agreements, GitLab grants the Customer a permanent, non-exclusive and non-transferable license (without use or sublicensing rights) for the use of the work product for its own internal operations. The account holder will not accept or encourage third parties to disrupt, directly or indirectly: (a) the proper functioning of the Workato platform or the use of the Workato platform by another account holder, including the misuse of server capacity; (b) to use the Workato platform for fraudulent or illegal purposes; (c) reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembly or any other attempt to discover the source code, object code or underlying structure, ideas or algorithms of the workato platform, documentation or data related to the Workato platform (“software”), if reverse acting is prohibited only to the extent that the ban is not contrary to current legislation.